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With our assistance, in 1995, the Susanville Indian Rancheria was one of the first tribes to assume all available tribal shares under Title I of the ISDEAA from the IHS in 1995 and then successfully litigate the right to continued full funding of those shares against the IHS.

Tribal Affairs

Attorney Biography - Patrick M. Sullivan

Of Counsel
Tel: 503.242.1745
Fax: 503.242.1072

Attorney Biography - Chris Z. Cantrell

Of Counsel
Tel: 405.602.9425
Fax: 405.602.9426

Tort Claims Defense & Insurance Coverage

  • Provide counsel to tribes in understanding unique tribal insurance concerns.
  • Assist tribes on how to obtain insurance coverage that is appropriate to their liability at a reasonable and fair premium rate.
  • Advise tribes on policy coverage issues to protect tribal government operations and to preserve sovereign authority and self-governance.
  • Negotiate insurance policies that address the unique risks and legal circumstances of tribal governments.

Constitutional Law

  • Provide counsel to tribes on matters related to the defense of Indian rights.
  • Prepare amicus briefs in support of Indian tribes in cases before the Supreme Court.
  • Participate in the Supreme Court Project, a group of attorneys who advise the Supreme Court on Indian cases.
  • Monitor cases in the lower courts that may influence constitutional law in the future.
  • Litigate cases on constitutional law matters.

Election & Campaign Law

  • Advise tribes on election law procedures and rules.
  • Draft tribal election law codes.
  • Provide advice to tribal councils on the interpretation of election rules and options to resolve conflicts.

Tribal Infrastructure

  • Provide counsel and advise in many aspects of infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, buildings, zoning law, permits and employment law related to construction contracts.
  • Assist in financing issues related to construction projects.

Land Use, Claims & Protection

  • Assist tribes on matters related to general use of tribal lands.
  • Draft codes and regulations for zoning, soil and water classification.
  • Assist tribes in documenting claims to tribal lands including coordination with historians and environmental science firms.

Trust Land Acquisitions

  • Provide counsel to tribes on how to expand the tribal trust land base, a critical tool tribal governments can use to assert sovereign civil and criminal governmental authority on lands within their respective territories.
  • Assist tribes in acquiring trust lands through the land-into-trust process and the fee-to-trust process.
  • Advise and assist tribes in obtaining and establishing trust status of tribal lands through:
    • Implementation of the Indian Sel

Federal Trust Responsibility

  • Provide counsel and representation to tribes on matters related to the federal government’s management of tribal lands and resources.
  • Advise tribes on compensation issues related to leasing resources including coal, oil, gas, geothermal heat and farm leasing, among other tribal resources.
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