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Prior to the founding of Hobbs Straus, Jerry Straus was lead Washington, D.C. counsel in the first large scale case for the restoration of historic Indian land – the restoration of the 48,000 acre Blue Lake lands to the Taos Pueblo.

General Memorandum 12-051

General Memorandum 12-051
Indian Health Service FY 2012 Scholarships

The Indian Health Service (IHS) is soliciting applications, via the attached April 10, 2012, FEDERAL REGISTER notice for FY 2012 full and part-time scholarships. Native Americans and Alaska Natives are invited to apply under the three programs described below. The IHS has changed its funding allocation to place more resources into the Indian Health Professions (rather than the Preparatory or Pregraduate) scholarships. The total funding is $14 million for continuation and new awards combined.

• Health Professions Preparatory Scholarships and Health Professions Pregraduate Scholarships. Up to $1 million will be allocated for approximately 25 awards, which would be 25 less than in FY 2011. Eligible applicants are members of federally or state recognized tribes and first and second degree descendants of federal or state recognized tribal members and Alaska Natives. Applicants for the Preparatory program must have been accepted for enrollment in a compensatory, pre-professional general education course or curriculum. Applicants for the Pregraduate program must have been accepted for enrollment in a compensatory, pre-professional general education course or curriculum or in an accredited pregraduate program leading to a baccalaureate degree in pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, or pre-podiatry.

• Indian Health Professions. Approximately $13 million will be allocated for an estimated 280 awards which would be 40 more than in FY 2011. This scholarship is available only to members of federally recognized tribes who are enrolled in an accredited school and pursuing a course of study in a health profession as defined by section 4(10) of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.

The attached notice provides IHS contact information for questions regarding the scholarship programs. It also describes the eligibility requirements and lists the health profession priority areas. The deadline for applications for continuation and for new awards is May 7, 2012. Application packets may be obtained from the regional scholarship coordinators listed in the notice.

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Inquiries may be directed to:
Karen Funk (

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